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Watts Up Solar provides sustainable energy solutions in eSwatini. From Solar Home Systems to commercial and agricultural systems.

Watts Up is 100% focussed on Solar Technology
100% Owned and Operated in eSwatini
Experienced Solar design and Installation
Guaranteed Reliability and Durability

10 Reasons to go Solar

Drastically Reduce or eliminate eletric bills
Earn a great return on your investment
Protect against rising Energy cost
Increase your property value
Boost Eswatini Energy independence
Create jobs and help your local economy
Protect the environment
Demostrate your commitment to sustainability
Take advantage of incetives
Guaranted Perfomance

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Off-grid systems are suitable for homes that are not connected to the grid and the cost of connecting to the grid line would be too high.

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Grid-tied systems

Grid-tied systems are connected to the local electrical grid and allow consumers to use their own solar generated energy in conjunction with electricity purchased from the utility company.

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Hybrid Systems

A hybrid solar system will provide power to loads from solar panels, batteries and and grid simultaneously. The grid ‘assists’ the solar system in meeting the energy demands from loads.

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Uninterrupted Power Supply

A UPS system provides power to critical loads during a power blackout for a certain time period depending on the size of the battery bank and the energy demand of the loads.
A UPS system also protects your equipment connected to the output of the UPS from grid power problems such as voltage spikes, reduction in input voltage, instability of the mains frequency and harmonic distortion.

The system has a battery bank that is charged by the power grid through a Bi-directional inverter.

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How Solar Works

Solar Energy For Homes

Join your neighbors throughout Eswatini that have trusted us with their solar installations and are now saving money on their electricity bills. We can install solar on pitched roofs, flat roofs, shingle, metal, tile, and even do ground mounted solar panels. Each solar panel system installed is custom to your home and your needs. You deserve the best solar products, craftsmanship, and warranty in Eswatini - designed for long-term value.